Snow & Stay - Unveiling Our Exclusive Winter Offerings!

Prepare for an unparalleled winter escape with our Snow & Stay Promotion, featuring two fantastic options tailored just for you:

1. Hillview Home with a View - $125/night

Nestle into the warmth of Hillview Home with a View for $125/night. This cozy haven offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure, with breathtaking views just outside your window. Plus, seize the opportunity to enhance your stay:

  • Full Day Lift Pass: Add only $54 for a full day of skiing thrills.

This offer extends to groups of up to 4 guests per booking, making it an ideal winter haven for families and friends. Immerse yourself in the thrill of the slopes and return to the welcoming ambiance of Hillview Home with a View.

2. Hillview Room with a View - $65/night

For a more intimate escape, choose Hillview Room with a View at a rate of $65/night. Enjoy the simplicity and charm of this private retreat, complemented by stunning ocean views. Elevate your stay with our additional lift pass options:

  • Full Day Lift Pass: Add $54 for a full day of skiing adventures.

This offer caters to a maximum of 2 guests per booking, ensuring an intimate and personal experience. Connect with your loved one or a close friend as you make the most of winter's enchantment.

Book Your Winter Getaway Today!

To secure your spot in this exclusive winter retreat, contact the host directly. Don't miss the chance to blend the excitement of skiing or snowshoeing with the cozy comforts of Hillview accommodations.

Elevate Your Winter Experience:

Whether you're seeking a spacious home for a group getaway or a more intimate room for a duo escape, Hillview's Snow & Stay Promotion promises the perfect winter adventure. Reach out to the host and embark on a journey of snowy landscapes, thrilling slopes, and unparalleled coziness.

Contact the Host to Book:

Your winter wonderland is just a message away. Contact the host now and unlock the magic of our Snow & Stay Promotion at Hillview Home with a View or Hillview Room with a View. Thrills, tranquility, and winter enchantment await you!

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